Protesters rally outside Gundersen Health System for vaccine choice

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Protesters outside Gundersen Health System say the hospital should not mandate vaccines.

Gundersen’s policy says all workers must be vaccinated by November or they face termination.

People at the protest say getting the vaccine should be a choice they make with their doctor.

David Anderson, a registered nurse, says he’s not anti-vaccine, but he is concerned about vaccine complications.

“People see American flags and they think that we’re probably a bunch of QAnon, Trump supporters and we’re not; this is an incredible, diverse crowd, we have republicans here for sure, we also have democrats,” says Anderson. “We have something in common and that’s that we don’t feel vaccines should be mandated.”

In a statement, Gundersen Health System says:

“Health system policy requires COVID-19 vaccination and is in line with dozens of local, regional, and national health systems, schools, and organizations to protect against COVID-19.

The requirement joins a gruop of other vaccinations under condition of employment and helps ensure delivery of safe patient care.”