Protesters use 10 ft. inflatable pig outside La Crosse Walmart

Protesters hope a giant caged pig will draw attention to their cause.

Members of Mercy for Animals stood outside of the Walmart on Mormon Coulee Road Tuesday along side a 10 foot inflatable pig.

They say an undercover investigation found one of the company’s major pork suppliers confines pigs into narrow crates, virtually immobilizing the animal.

They’re hoping people call out Walmart for what they describe as unacceptable animal cruelty. “If Walmart executives were to raise one dog or cat the way their pork suppliers raise, confine, and mutilate thousands of pigs every year, they would be jailed for felony level animal cruelty charges,” said Jeni Haines, National Campaign Coordinator for Mercy for Animals.


Walmart released a statement saying in part, “This is a complicated issue. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards and do not tolerate animal mistreatment […] and are currently engaged with pork suppliers, food safety experts and other organizations to work towards an industry-wide model that is not only respectful of farmers and animals, but also meets our customers’ expectations for quality and animal safety.”