Quick Fix Products 5/20/12

We replaced the bottom of this boat with a screen door and covered it in Flex Seal. After a day on the water not only does it stay afloat, but the inside is completely dry.” This infomercial for Flex Seal says it’s “perfect for all your home repairs.” Consumer Reports’ Bernie Deitrick tested Flex Seal and two other products … … Bissel’s Stomp ‘n Go carpet cleaner and EZ Moves – another infomercial product that’s designed to help you lift heavy furniture. But do they deliver?


To test Flex Seal, Bernie made his own small boat with a screened bottom, sprayed it with Flex Seal, then floated it on a “pond” in one of Consumer Reports labs. The boat didn’t sink. But when it came to Flex Seal’s gutter claim, the results were disappointing. Three coats later Flex Seal failed to seal the vertical seams on this gutter. Then there’s EZ Moves that comes with a lever you use to lift furniture in order to slide the discs underneath. … so that your furniture simply glides across any surface.” Bernie tried moving this freezer without the discs. Then with – look at the difference! But not all moves were “EZ.” The lever couldn’t get under this heavy table. And refrigerators can pose a problem, too. “If the furniture is against the wall, sometimes it’s very hard to get to the back corner of it.” How about Bissell’s Stomp ‘n Go carpet stain remover? (Web video) “Just place over the stain, stomp to release the stain-fighting formula, and leave the pads to do the work for you.” Bernie dirtied a nice white untreated piece of carpet with coffee, French dressing, tomato sauce, and red wine. Following directions, he blotted up the excess. Then he stomped. After 30 minutes some of the Stomp ‘n Go stains were still pretty obvious. Consumer Reports’ take – these products can help a little, but don’t count on any miracles. .”