Race emphasizes staying active, having fun

Staying active and having fun was the focus of a local race Sunday.

Chase Trempealeau is an event that had participants racing through different checkpoints over a three hour span.

There were a wide range of racers, from kids to competitive participants. There were 8 total events including bicycling, canoeing, and obstacles.

This was the 3rd annual Chase Trempealeau, and atlhough the yearly race is still new to the area, it’s seen early success. “To see something like this double after last year and know that we’re getting that many people, reaching that many people to get them out and active in this absolutely beautiful area that we live in, it’s astounding and it’s heartwarming, we love it,” said Paula Gold, Director of Communities Off n’ Funning.

There were 165 participants in this years event. While staying active is one of the main objectives of the race, the other goal is to have fun. “You’re not just seeing people who are really in great physical shape but people who are wanting to get there and to be part of something, that’s a really fun way to be active,” said racer Hillarie Roth.

At the end of the race, participants were treated to a pasta lunch.