Racing swines stealing the show at Riverfest

LA CROSSE, Wis. — A group of little piglets is stealing the show at Riverfest. Swifty Swine pig racing is a big hit with adults and kids alike.

The pigs race around the Pork Chop International Speedway which is a 150 yard loop. One talented little pot belly even puts on a swimming display.


It’s a free event at Riverfest this year and the pigs put on 4 shows Thursday.

The owner of Swifty Swines says these are some pretty impressive pigs. “They are smart, smarter than dogs are I think and it takes us about a week to train them, and there’s not much you can’t get a pig to do for an oreo cookie,” says Libero Kinnear.

Swifty Swines has several more shows scheduled before the fest ends. And in case you’re wondering, when the pigs aren’t preforming they are kept in an air conditioned trailer.