Radio host Delilah opens up about teen son’s suicide

A little more than a year after her 18-year-old son died by suicide, radio star Delilah Rene is sharing her pain.

The loss of her son, Zack, hit the mother of 13 hard, she said during an interview with “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

“I couldn’t write,” she said. “I couldn’t talk about it.”

But the nighttime radio host was able to push through and complete her latest book, titled “One Heart at a Time.”

She’s hoping it will help further conversations about suicide.

“We need to talk about teenage suicide,” Rene said. “We need to start having open conversations, as painful as they are, because it’s epidemic.”

After her son’s death, Rene took a break from her syndicated radio show.

Her loyal listeners have helped her pull through, Rene said.

“So many listeners sent the most beautiful thoughts and prayers and shared their own stories of loss and grief and what helped them get through,” she said.

Rene said one year later, she still struggles at times.

“I finish the show and that’s when it hits,” she said. “Because that was our time together. My son was a night owl.”