RAGA launches ad touting Schimel’s school safety grants

The Republican Attorneys General Association is launching a new television ad touting Brad Schimel’s work on school safety.

The ad is part of RAGA’s $2.5 million TV campaign to help Schimel defeat Democratic challenger Josh Kaul in November.

The ad features three women identified only by first names. The ad says all three women are mothers.

They each speak about how Schimel has installed security features in schools and spent $100 million to protect children. The ad doesn’t mention Kaul.

Schimel hasn’t actually installed any security features. Republican lawmakers earlier this year approved a bill creating $100 million in school security grants and put Schimel in charge of handing out the money to school districts.

Kaul spokeswoman Gillian Drummond didn’t immediately reply to an email.