Ragweed Season has arrived

If you’ve been sneezing a little more than usual lately, you might not be alone.

According to local allergy specialists, around August 15 Ragweed pollen starts to peak.

This is because Ragweed is photosensitive meaning it releases its pollen when the length of nighttime is just right.

The symptoms are often referred to as Hay Fever but doctors say it really doesn’t have anything to do with hay.

Besides over the counter medications, doctors say there are simple tricks to help alleviate symptoms.

“Don’t hang bedding or clothing outdoors. If you’re outside during the day and you have longer hair, you might want to take a shower and wash yourself off so you’re not sleeping with all the ragweed pollen around you, ” Todd Mahr M.D. said.

Doctors say you should also wipe off your pets with a wet towel if they have been outside for long periods of time.