Reading to infants enhances intellectual development

Improves language, reading ability

Reading to your children before bed could be doing more than putting them to sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says reading to your child starting in infancy can enhance their development, language skills, and reading ability. They will to start pick up on words and speech patterns earlier compared to children who are not read to. A pediatrician at Mayo Clinic System Health Clinic say reading with your child at a certain time of day doesn’t matter,  but finding the right reading routine will help them with more than just their mental capacity.

“It certainty helps promote the intellectual growth and development of children, it also builds them up emotionally to further strengthen that bond with their parents and if you will spend quality time with them,” said Dr. Charles Peters.

The American Academy of Pediatrics hopes pediatricians will start promoting this method along with handing out free books to families who can not afford to buy them.