Recent warm weather making river search for La Crosse man more difficult

Divers are looking for 29 year old Andrew Kingsbury

It’s been more than a week since an S.U.V. plunged into the icy water of the Mississippi River in Winona and the search for the fourth victim continues.

Friends and family, along with volunteer dive teams, have been working to recover the body of 29-year-old Andrew Kingsbury of La Crosse.

Kingsbury is one of four people who was riding in the S.U.V. when it crashed through a guardrail and landed in the river a little more than a week ago. The four had just left a Winona bar.

Volunteers say the recent warm weather is making the search more difficult. “There’s a possibility of falling through, and the more water we put on the ice, the worse the ice gets, there’s more weight on it and it starts to melt, and at night it’s not getting cold enough to refreeze it enough to bring the ice back that we’re melting during the day,” said searcher Matt Haugan.

Authorities have recovered the bodies of the three other victims. The search for Kingsbury will continue on a day by day basis as resources permit.