Recycle Fair held in Myrick Park as La Crosse’s Earth Fair ends

Wafer Food Pantry was also on-site collecting monetary donations
V Recycling Fair

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – After canceling last year due to the pandemic, a down-to-earth event in La Crosse is making a comeback. With Earth Fair in La Crosse ending, the final event was the Recycling fair which took place Sunday.

The event recycled shredded documents and also allowed people to donate items to be restored and resold. The group also took mattresses and electronics for a small price.

“The goal of today is to get as many items here that we can reuse or recycle. Whether that be furniture or your paper that was shredded and recycled, or your old electronics. Because it’s very important to keep, especially those old electronics with heavy chemicals and metals in them, out of the landfills,” said Erica Black, the Chair of the Earth Fair.

Wafer Food Pantry was also on-site collecting monetary donations.