Report: Jerry Jones reimburses NFL $2M for legal fees

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has reimbursed the NFL for more than $2 million in legal fees, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday.

Jones attended a hearing on the issue before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s finance committee Monday in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The issue was related to legal fees incurred by the league over Jones’ actions regarding running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension as well as Goodell’s contract extension.

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NFL owners sought the restitution based on a 1997 resolution that allows owners to receive reimbursement for legal fees related to litigation initiated by a team owner.

The NFL released a statement on Wednesday saying that the matter was over, but did not provide any details on how much Jones paid the league.

“After a hearing with the Commissioner and the Finance Committee, the matter of the reimbursement of legal fees has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties,” the NFL said in the statement.