Rescued hikers on Grandad Bluff face trespassing fines

Two hikers rescued from Grandad Bluff in La Crosse Thursday were in a restricted area.

The girls say they took a wrong turn Thursday morning when they found themselves stuck on a ledge on the face of the bluff. 

La Crosse Fire officials say the two hikers were beyond the fence of the main trails, which is against city ordinance. 

Each girl will be fined $300 for trespassing.

The fire department says the ordinance is in place for a reason.

“The problem with the bluff is that it’s sandstone. You know, it’s not real stable rock and if you go off the main trails especially along the edge, it’s really easy for those ledges to give way, for rocks to become loose and for you to lose your footing,” said La Crosse Fire Dept. Div. Chief Frank Devine.

The department averages about 4 to 5 bluff rescues a year.