Resolution to make Monroe Co. a second amendment sanctuary discussed

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT)- People who live in Monroe County are learning more about a proposal to make it a second amendment sanctuary.

It was a packed house at Jake’s Northwoods restaurant and banquet hall in Sparta Wednesday night for a meeting to discuss a resolution that will go before the county board.

The move would be mostly symbolic, a statement that indicates Monroe County supports the second amendment and is opposed to any perceived unconstitutional violations.

Florence County is the only county in Wisconsin that has this type of resolution so far.

Sparta real estate broker Trent Ziegler started the effort in Monroe County and predicts it will spread to many more in the state in the near future.

Monroe County’s District Attorney, Kevin Croninger says he supports the resolution. “Particularly in the way it’s written. It asserts what is protected under the second amendment without taking any other actions that unduly burden the sheriff or the county so I am for it, particularly the way it’s written, I think it’s a very appropriate resolution.”

Croninger goes on to say, “I understand an argument that he state and the county needs to follow federal law, I agree with that. I agree with the rule of law. The second amendment is rule of law in this country and if people want to undo the protections of the second amendment, there needs to be a constitutional amendment to repeal the second amendment.”

Several people at Wednesday night’s meeting were from other counties in the area, including La Crosse and Vernon, looking at potentially bringing up a similar resolution where they live.

The resolution is expected to go before the Monroe County Board soon where people will have an opportunity to voice their opinion.