Results have not changed after recount of La Crosse County Board Supervisor

The votes are in and the results for La Crosse County Board Supervisor have not changed.

Kevin Hoyer will be the new supervisor, with just under 300 votes. He beat out Leon Pfaff by only two votes. Write-in candidates received a total of three votes.

The La Crosse County Canvassing Board finished recounting the ballots Wednesday afternoon.

While this recount may not have changed the outcome, the County Clerk’s Office says they are still an important part of the election process.

“The machines are pretty accurate but it’s not impossible for something to happen. If a voter didn’t fill in the circle or wrote in someone’s name instead that’s something that will change the vote, so it’s not impossible for the recount to change the results,” said La Crosse County Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer.

The hand recount was requested by one of the candidates and conducted at no cost because of how close the results were.