Retirees who volunteer honored for their service in La Crosse

Retired community members who keep giving back were honored Thursday.

RSVP celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Coulee Region Thursday, along with about 350 of its volunteers.

The organization encourages people over the age of 55 to use their skills to improve the lives of community members.

The executive director says in 40 years, volunteers have given more than 37-million dollars worth of volunteer work back to the community. But the volunteers say what they get is priceless.

“When we get done, they’re so grateful it makes us feel good, we actually probably benefit more than they do,” said volunteer Roger Christains.

“The hugs we get, the cookies we get and just feeling good about helping someone, and that’s really why I do it,” said volunteer Art Butterworth.

Eight volunteers were recognized for giving more than 8,000 hours of service. One has given back more than 10,000 hours.