Riverfest Commodore, First Mate host meet and greet at Commodore Banquet

The leader of this year’s Riverfest celebration is getting started in his new role.

Riverfest Commodore and First Mate, Matt and Megan Binsfeld, hosted a meet and greet at this year’s Commodore Banquet. The event at the Radisson in downtown La Crosse marks the official start of the term for the couple.

Binsfeld says it’s an honor to represent an event he grew up celebrating.

“Seeing La Crosse and our community and the growth that we’ve had in the last 25 years, and all the good things going on in this community. Things like Riverfest that celebrate that are really near and dear to my heart,” said Binsfeld.

WKBT is a proud sponsor of the Commodore Banquet.

This year’s Riverfest events begin on the 4th of July, and run through Saturday, July 7.