Riverside North Development Project update

La Crosse leaders want developers to 'make their mark'

La Crosse leaders are looking for a new vision and look for a big piece of the riverside.

Developers are wanted to ‘make their mark’ with the ‘Riverside North Development Project.’

Of the 70 total acres, 40 can be developed. Meaning there is plenty of room to plan out where homes, office space, and recreational facilities should go.

The ideas must fit with a master plan created a couple years ago by the city, with the help from the public.

“One thing you don’t see in that master plan is like a 100,000 sqaure foot retail space with a 10 acre parking lot.  That’s probably not the type of development that we’re looking for in that site,” said La Crosse’s Director of Planning Jason Gilman.

City leaders will start meeting with developers soon.