Road construction may be delayed

Colder winter could push back road construction projects a couple of weeks

Even though it might not feel like it, spring is here. Which means road construction season is about to begin. The first of many different road construction projects in the area will begin next week, March 31.

Road construction can be a bit of a hassle for some, but the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said we need it to keep roads safe. The season may start off slow, but there are a few major roads in the area being worked on this summer.

“It’s that time of season,” Joe Clements, patrol superintendent for La Crosse County, said.

La Crosse County is gearing up for another road construction season.

“Oh we’re going to be busy,” Clements said.

La Crosse County will be working on about 11 miles of road this summer, including Highway A near Farmington and Highway OA near the Town of Shelby.

But the busy season looks like it will be delayed. Both the county and city of La Crosse expect a later start because the frost is much deeper this year.

“I think we’ll have to start later than normal. Maybe a couple weeks, three weeks later than normal because of the frost,” Randy Hinze, City of La Crosse street superintendent, said.

“We need some rain and some warm weather to get that frost out of the ground,” Clements said.

One road project isn’t being delayed, however.

Beginning next week, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be working on Highway 33 near the Town of Shelby. The project will be closing the highway from 32nd Street up the hill to Forest Ridge Drive.

“Part of that project will be closed on the hill itself. It’s a very constrained work environment, that’s why we had to close it,” Jim Rohe, project development chief engineer with the Wisconsin DOT, said.

Because of the closings, the Department of Transportation is recommending two alternate routes that may add some time to your commute.

“Bliss Road is one that will be a fairly quick way into town, as well as taking County YY to 14 into town,” Rohe said.

The $10 million project is scheduled to last until November.

The Wisconsin DOT will also be working on Highway 16 near I-90 and from La Crose Street to Gillette Street. Both will mostly be overnight work, though. It also has a few projects in Sparta and Prairie du Chien.

For a complete list of La Crosse road construction projects, you can visit its website.