Road salt supplies increase in amount and price

Cost of salt increases to $66 per ton, up from $57 per ton

Keeping the roads clear of ice is going to cost the city of La Crosse 16-percent more this year.

Last year’s winter created tight supplies and a drastic price for road salt across the US. In La Crosse it will cost $66 a ton, compared to $57 last year.

On average, the city goes through between 2,500 and 3,000 tons of salt a winter.

“You figure $9 a ton more, if we go through an additional 1,000 tons, okay, that’s $9,000 and in tight budgets, that can be significant,” said La Crosse Director of Public Works Dale Hexom.

Hexom says they’re in good shape this year. The salt barn will have more than 2,000 tons in it before winter and the city increased its seasonal guarantee by 500 tons, up to 3,000 tons.