Ron Johnson and Derrick Van Orden respond to Bernie Sanders rally

WISCONSIN (WKBT) — Two Republican candidates on the ballot responded to Senator Bernie Sanders’ appearance in La Crosse and Senator Tammy Baldwin’s comments with News 8 Now.

Derrick Van Orden’s campaign said,

“The radical left policies and socialist spending that Brad Pfaff, Bernie Sanders, and Tammy Baldwin have advocated for have made it hard for our families to buy gas and groceries on the same day, opened our borders to a flood of fentanyl that has killed over 100,000 Americans, and labeled parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. That’s a failure of leadership, and on Tuesday, we need to send a message to the career politicians that their time has passed.”

Senator Ron Johnson’s campaign had a similar response.

“Mandela Barnes would be just another vote for Bernie Sanders socialist agenda that increases inflation and reckless spending, raises taxes and makes our communities less safe by defunding the police.”