Rotary Lights 2022 at Riverside Park prepares for Christmas

LA CROSSE (WKBT) -Crews in Riverside Park are gearing up for some familiar holiday cheer.

Over 3,200 people have been hard at work setting up the 2022 Rotary Lights.

A new entrance for drivers is coming this year on Front Street.

The Club is also selling teddy bears in shops all across town where every penny from those sales will go to WAFER Food Pantry.

And organizers say that there are plenty of new lights to check out.

“We’ve got Santa paddling in a kayak,” said Rotary Lights President Pat Stephens. “We got a water skier this year that does flips and stuff so that’ll be kind of fun to watch that as well.”

If you are interested in seeing what lights are in store for this year, the Rotary Lights’ official website has a map and volunteer information.