Rotary Lights gift shop closes Sunday

Proceeds go to feed the hungry in La Crosse

The Rotary Lights have been a staple in the La Crosse area for two decades and new to this year’s display is the ‘just believe’ gift shop.

It was built completely by volunteers and done so to celebrate the light’s 20 years of service.

The shop sells an arrangement of items from apparel to coloring books.

They say the gift shop is what sets them apart from any other display.

It’s just another thing that makes our Rotary lights in La Crosse, Wisconsin very special and as I said, everyone is a volunteer. No one is paid, but that is the fun thing, you can give back to the community,” said Sue Schultz, a volunteer with the Just Believe Gift Shop.

Proceeds from the gift shop will also go on to feed the hungry of La Crosse.

The gift shop closes Sunday, Dec. 28.