Roughly 1,000 runners took on challenge at the La Crosse Marathon

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Around 200 avid runners took on the challenge of running from Sparta to La Crosse Saturday in the La Crosse Marathon.

They’re just a portion of the roughly 1,000 runners that hit the pavement, with nearly 600 runners racing in the half-marathon, and another 300 running in the 5K.

Organizers say the marathon helps show off this part of the Driftless region.

“Races like this bring a lot of people to our area so they get to experience everything La Crosse has to offer,” said Race Director Michael Borst.

After a race like this, sports medicine experts recommend giving yourself time to rest and recover.

Immediately after the race, it’s important to rehydrate and eat.

Director of Sports Medicine at Mayo Clinic Health Clinic Andrew Jagim says those doing a half or full marathon will need the most rest, with the longer distance runners needing up to a month.

“You just underwent a high degree of stress, there’s lots of exercise-induced muscle damage that’s going to occur there,” said Jagim. “A lot of runners like to jump right back into the running routine and I really recommend taking it easy for at least the first week, even into the second week after that race, just light workouts.”

Experts say you can still do light activity like biking or swimming to keep your body moving, but make sure you take time to recover.

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