Rudy’s closing for season Friday night

La Crosse and Sparta locations to close

A sure sign of fall: Rudy’s Drive-in is closing for the season. 

Both the La Crosse and Sparta locations are hoping to be open through dinner Friday, but they are running out of food. 

Rudy’s owner Gary Rudy says they had a great year even though they opened later than normal because of the cold weather. But most of the season was dry with lots of sun, which brought in the business. 

And the popular drive-in got lots of media attention both state and nationwide.               

“Steven McNotty was here from the speed channel, we had John McGivern here from PBS, public television in Milwaukee talking about Rudy’s, and we got a chance, they are doing a motorcycle thing with the driftless area and they were here this summer,” Rudy said. 

The work doesn’t end for Rudy. They will work throughout the winter cleaning and repairing equipment and planning for next year.