Rudy’s Drive-in opens for season in La Crosse

Warmer weather allows opening week earlier than last year

Rudy’s Drive-in opened for the season on Friday in La Crosse.

The poodle skirts and roller skates were out in full force for the first day of spring.

The drive-in was packed with people who waited all winter for some chili dogs and root beer. Rudy’s owner Gary Rudy said he’s always surprised by the community’s reaction.

“The phone’s been ringing off the hook. All my Facebook friends have been tagging me, and everybody says good, they’ll be down sometime today. So it’s always rather humbling to have people, you know, excited when you open up for the season,” Rudy said.

The recent warmer weather allowed Rudy’s to open about a week earlier than they did last year.  Rudy’s Sparta location will open the week of March 23.

Rudy gave a shout-out to our StormTeam 8 meteorologists for the nice weather.