Ryan Ellingson and ‘Uncle Rod’

With one stroke of the pen Ryan Ellingson secured his opportunity to continue to play the game that he loves.

“My goal always is to be a great teammate and that is something that I feel I will want to continue when I go to college as well.”

He admits there’s still plenty to learn on the diamond whether it’s during his senior year at Aquinas or his future days of college baseball at Marian University.

“Baseball is a tough game, it really is. Nobody has mastered it.”

Ellingson doesn’t have to look far for advice from someone who came as close to mastering the sport of baseball as anyone.

“It’s so special and people say ‘He’s a Hall of Famer, how can you get connected with him’. I have a friendship with him and it’s a bond that will never be broken.”

Ryan’s father Jay met Rod Carew years ago. When Ryan was born, Jay asked Rod if he’d be his Godfather.

“I told him only if I could teach him how to hit. It was really nice to think that someone wants you to be a part of their children’s life. So I accepted, I told him yes that I would. We were good friends so why not. If I can help this young man, help to guide him in the right way that’s what I’d like to do.”

‘Uncle Rod’ passes along plenty of wisdom whether baseball…

“When he’s talking to me I can’t even believe that much detail needs to go into that play, that throw.”

…or girls.

“I’m going to tell him don’t rush it, take your time.”

Back in December good news came in bunches with Ryan receiving the offer from Marian and Mr. Rod Carew receiving the news of a donor match for a new heart and kidney.

“When we are together we enjoy ourselves and I enjoy talking to him and he enjoys kidding with me and I enjoy kidding with him. It’s been a great relationship.”

“It’s just great the connection between me and him is just so special. There’s nothing more I can say to him but for how thankful I am.”