As storm threatens Coulee Region, NWS advises prepping for power outages, taking shelter if tornado swirls

LA CROSSE (WKBT) —  As what the National Weather Service in La Crosse describes as a “historic storm” threatens the Coulee Region, NWS staffers are issuing safety reminders along with the forecasts.

People should keep their cellphones charged nearby for any weather alerts. Be prepared for power outages. And if a tornado warning, occurs, seek shelter in a basement or interior room.

It is better to be prepared in advance than wait for the storm’s arrival, said NWS meteorologist Dan Baumgardt.

“We’re gonna put the warning out but you’re not going to have time to react and look around and verify there’s something coming at you,” Baumgardt said. “You’re just going to have to take action tonight.”

The actual severe weather is expected to move through very quickly, but the high winds will stick around throughout the night, he said.

“We’re expected to see anywhere from winds going at 60 to 70 miles an hour,” Baumgardt said.

And of course, the safest option is to stay off the roads when the storm comes.

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