Salvation Army hopes to collect ‘mountain’ of food

The Salvation Army is looking to collect a mountain of food.

For the next few weeks, they will collect donations, then build the mountain of food at Valley View Mall for the community to see.

One reason for the food drive is to be able to meet the need of people coming in to the Salvation Army.

The other is to draw awareness to the amount of hunger going on in La Crosse right now.

“When this mountain of food is built you’ll look at it as an individual and go wow that’s a lot of food I could never eat all that, but in one month we’ll go through that at the salvation army, so we hope it really drives home the amount of hunger that really is right here in our very own community,” said Julie Nelson from the Salvation Army.


The Salvation Army is taking donations from now until October ninth. The mountain of food will be built at the Valley View Mall October 10th.

They are looking for both perishables and non-perishables, regular size packaging as well as industrial-sized soups, cereals and pastas.