Scarecrow Fest offers family-friendly Halloween fun

Event included obstacle course, witch hat toss, boo bowling, more

Before trick-or-treating got underway on Saturday, kids celebrated the spooky holiday at the Myrick Park Center in La Crosse.

Scarecrow Fest returned this year, bringing an obstacle course, witch hat toss, boo bowling, and many other festive games and events. The La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department hosts the event each year to offer some family-friendly Halloween activities.

“I think the families enjoy it. It’s a free event, so they get to go out in their costumes all day instead of just at night. We have bags and they can collect prizes at each station, so it’s kind of like trick-or-treating, but then they get the more fun aspect of the games and the crafts as well,” said Scarecrow Fest Community Events Coordinator Erica Mortenson.

This was the 3rd year of Scarecrow Fest.