Scavenger hunt teaches locals about unique La Crosse history

UWL student transforms class project into scavenger hunt

Many residents learned about La Crosse’s unique and vast history on Saturday through a historical scavenger hunt.

Senior at UW-La Crosse, Julia Roden, made her class project into a scavenger hunt that weaved people throughout the history of La Crosse.

Teams walked from business to business deciphering clues and answering questions.

Roden is not originally from the La Crosse area. As she learned more about La Crosse’s vast history, she decided it needed to be shared with others in a fun and unique way

” I had to learn about la Crosse history. I didn’t know it from the beginning and so it was really interesting to get into.  The people are awesome, everyone has been really supportive, it’s a unique history and it should be told,” said Roden.

The teams had two hours to complete the scavenger hunt. The top three with the most correct answers received cash prizes.