School District of Holmen delivering meals to kids right at their doorstep

About 3,000 meals are prepared for all school kids every day.

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) – With many La Crosse area schools going virtual for now, kids can’t enjoy the day as much as they used to.

But through a team effort, the School District of Holmen is turning kids’ frowns upside down.

Before the sun even rises, Heather Mathwig is at Holmen Middle School preparing meals.

“From 5:30 till about 1:45 each day,” Mathwig said.

She isn’t just a cook.

“I have one at the middle school, one at elementary and one at the high school level,” Mathwig said.

All of her kids are learning online for now, so why is she at school so early every day?

“We wanna make sure all of our kids are fed and they have a nutritious meal,” Mathwig said.

She and 17 other school nutrition staff workers are making about 3,000 meals for all kids in the district.

“We serve you today’s lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast,” nutrition services supervisor Michael Gasper said.

“I like a challenge,” nutrition services team lead Sarah Mumm said. “And I see that the meals are needed in the community.”

Workers load up five buses and two vans.

“There’s probably the same amount of transportation employees that are either driving the bus or on the bus assisting us,” Gasper said.

Route-by-route throughout the entire village, meals are delivered to families at the doorstep.

“It gives them a little bit of the school at their house,” Gasper said.

Even to Mathwig’s daughter.

“When I get home, she’s like ‘Mom! Guess what? I got this for lunch today!,'” Mathwig said.

For her, getting up bright and early is worth it.

“We don’t have to worry about making sure they have something there for them,” Mathwig said. “It’s a real big help.”

Food is delivered from around 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day.

Families must sign-up online first before getting the meals.