School supports La Crosse principal as she fights breast cancer

Northside Elementary Principal Laura Huber has begun treatment

Students and staff at Northside Elementary wore pink on Tuesday to support Northside Elementary Principal Laura Huber who began treatment for breast cancer.

Within a day of announcing her breast cancer diagnosis, the school’s PTO launched a campaign to wear pink to show their support for Huber. Students are also making cards and sending her letters of encouragement.

“We’ve got some surprises for Miss Huber, some things we want to do help her and her family,” said Northside School Counselor Melani Fay. “The kids here, they would all love to go visit her everyday so we’re trying to find different ways we can let the kids express their feelings for her and show her support.”

The kids made cards, gifts, and took pictures to send to Huber as she recovers.

“The students have been showing an immense amount of concern and compassion,” Fay said.