Searching for greatness; how Gretta Grassel is taking over Wisconsin high school softball

As the season comes to a close softball teams are gearing up for a run at state.

Down in Boscobel, they’re looking to make it to state for the first time in school history, and the entire community has hope because of a certain pitcher.


What does greatness look like? Is it an entire community coming to watch you play? Is it pitching perfect games as just a freshman? For some, it’s about being the best

“I like how challenging it is and like everyone can be good but like if you put in the work you can obviously be the best and i just love that about it,” said Boscobel pitcher, Gretta Grassel.

As just a sophomore, Gretta Grassel has already put the state of Wisconsin on notice. She has more than 400 strikeouts, has tossed 3 no-hitters, and has a perfect game.

Gretta picked up a ball for the first time at the age of ten.

“I was actually at my sister’s travel ball game, I saw her playing and all the little girls playing and I was like mom can I please do this, can I do this next year,” said Gretta Grassel.

And at that moment, her family knew she wasn’t going to be an average softball player.

“That first year of travel ball maybe the second year she was a little more advanced than other girls her age,” said Gretta’s dad, Corey Grassel.

“I call her gritty Gretta because from a young age, no matter what she would do she been that kid that goes all out, 100% every time,” said Gretta’s mom, Penny Grassel.

Her cousin is the coach, her dad the assistant, and her mom the athletic trainer, a support system that is always there.

“She definitely feels the pressure, and we try to keep that off of her as best as we can, but she starting to get looks from colleges and that adds just a little bit more pressure to her,” said Boscobel’s head coach, Claire Waltz-U’ren.

There’s always going to be pressure when you’re one of the best, but that’s something that Gretta has learned to live with.

“I think it drives me more, and it makes me push a little more so I kind of enjoy that,” said Gretta.

For Gretta, she wants to play the game for as long as she can…that’s just what you do for something you love.

“I love it and I think it drives me to work hard and put in all the effort so I can be like yea, I’m gonna go for my dreams,” said Gretta.

So what does greatness look like? It looks like Gretta Grassel inside the pitcher’s circle.


Grassel dominates while pitching, but she’s also quite the batter. As just a sophomore, she has a career average of .600 and has over 60 hits.

Boscobel will finish off their season on Monday and then will look to make it to state as one of the top teams in division 4.