Second annual Bowtie Classic held at Forest Hills Golf Course

Event raises money for La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Golfers in the area had a chance to tee off for a good cause Saturday by participating in the Charles Miller Bowtie Classic Golf Outing.

The second annual event was in honor of Dr. Miller and the funds raised will go towards the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.

Although the day started off with some cloud cover, one organizer said he expects to raise more money this year.

“We’ve only done it once before and raised $10,000. My guess this time we are going to walk away with a bit more because we have almost twice as many golfers involved,” said Charles Miller Bowtie Classic Golf Outing Event Organizer Dick Swantz.

Those who participated also had an educational experience. At each hole, golfers were asked a question. If they got it right they could subtract a stroke from their score.