Seeking Cervical Disk Surgery to relieve neck pain

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Neck pain is a common issue that affects most adults. It can make everyday tasks difficult, like driving a car or working on the computer.

Dr. Navid Kherizi, a Mayo Clinic Health System neurosurgeon, said that pain could come from muscle strain, or structural changes to the cervical vertebrae or disks.

Though rest, stretching and massages can help, surgery is another option if pain persists.

“When I see someone with back pain, I want to see where they stand on that spectrum. How long that pain has been going on, is it shooting down their arms, and what treatments have they had,” Khezri said.

A cervical disk replacement surgery, which was recently FDA approved allows for a nearly full range of motion.

It can help maintain motion and flexibility in your neck, while also putting less stress on the rest of your backbones.

Khezri encourages talking to your doctor to figure out the best option for you.
You can find more information about the surgery on Mayo’s website.