Semi trailer catches fire near Sparta

4 brand new cars acomplete loss, 3 salvageable

Multiple fire crews responded to a semi fire on I-90 near Sparta on Saturday.

Nick Radloff sent News 8 a photo after he heard four loud booms while out fishing. Huge plumes of dark smoke filled the sky around 3 p.m.

The Sparta Fire Department said a trailer transporting seven brand new vehicles to Rochester caught fire.

The driver is safe and it took about a half hour to get under control.

Authorities say after investigation, they believe the fire started near the tire on the trailer.

“It appears that the fire started from the wheel bearing on the right wheel of the trailer. That spread to the tire of the trailer, which spread to the last car of the trailer and then spread to the other three cars,” said Mike Arnold, the chief of Sparta Area Fire District.

Four cars have been completely damaged, while the other three are salvageable.