Sen. Bernie Sanders rallies voters at UW-La Crosse to vote for Democrats

News 8 Now was the only media outlet Senator Sanders granted an interview

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- With just days to go before the Midterm Election, the candidates are calling on their big-name allies to rally supporters to the polls.

Senator Bernie Sanders is on the campaign trail, crisscrossing Wisconsin on behalf of Democrats.
The Senator from Vermont knows a thing or two about close races. In 1981, he won his race for Mayor of Burlington by just 10 votes. And the Senator also knows how important winning the support of young voters is. When he ran for president in 2016 young voters helped Sanders win 23 primary and caucuses.
One reason why the Senator is rallying voters at The UW-LaCrosse. Senator Sanders is meeting with college students on 4 Wisconsin campuses urging them to vote for Democrats on Election Day.
In a one-on-one interview with our Amy DuPont, Senator Sanders said this is the most consequential mid-term in modern history and Wisconsin will play a pivotal role. “The younger generation is the generation most impacted by this election. They want to raise a family on a planet that is habitable and not ravaged by climate change. They want to earn decent wages and not have a lower standard of living than their parents. And they want an economy that works for everyone and not just millionaires, ” explains the Senator.
Senator Sanders encouraged the crowd to vote and to get two of their friends to vote. Several races, including the races for Wisconsin Governor and Senator, are close. The democratic candidates are counting on young voters to put them in office.
Senator Sanders will speak to students in Madison Friday night and Oshkosh Saturday as part of his 8-state, 19-stop tour leading up to Election Day.