Sen. Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin campaign in Eau Claire

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders was in Wisconsin Saturday campaigning for Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Speaking at a rally in Eau Claire, the senators pushed back against tariffs affecting farmers, cuts to the Affordable Care Act and President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

About a thousand people went to the event to hear the two senators talk, exactly one month away from Wisconsin’s partisan primary. Some voters were concerned about a host of issues, which were addressed during the stop.

“Anyone should be able to have access to health care regardless of where they’re from, how much they make,” said Mac Yagilashek, a Democrat.

“Education is important because the funding has been cut,” said Eleanor Wolf, a Democrat.

“Keeping big business and big lobbyist [and] consumer money out of politics,” said Eric Smith, an Independent.

These were some of the issues the senators addressed during the stop. Baldwin, a democrat, focused on workers’ rights and requirements to buy American with taxpayer money.

“The stakes are high for Wisconsin workers who want good-paying jobs created here in America and not overseas,” Baldwin said.

The legislators pushed back on the special interests groups the most on during the event, which Baldwin tied this into Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record.

“The people of Wisconsin need a fair, impartial, independent Supreme Court justice who will stand up for them and not just the powerful interests,” Baldwin said.

She announced to the crowd that she will be voting against the judge, who would be a key swing vote if elected.

“To allow employers to deny their worker’s health insurance coverage for birth control,” Baldwin said.

Sanders also addressed the issue after Baldwin finished her remarks.

“There will be several major court decisions coming forward. One of them will likely be Roe v. Wade,” said Sanders, a Vermont Independent.

The senators found common ground in healthcare, concerned that people will lose insurance with a repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act.

“Not knowing what to do if illness strikes their parents, themselves or their kids,” Sanders said.

Both senators reminded the crowd of the Republicans’ tax plan. Sanders said it benefited the ultra rich and not the working class.

“Tammy and I disagree with all of those reactionary policies designed for the very, very rich richer at the expense of everyone else,” Sanders said.

Despite their political identities, these senators said they are willing to reach across the aisle to pass bipartisan policies.

The full remarks can be found below.