Sensational Celina Giddings

Wauzeka-Steuben Senior Capping Off Unique Athletic Career

Sensational Celina Giddings. She helped save the Wauzeka-Stueben football season in the fall of 2013, and that is only the beginning. 

An all-conference basketball award followed, and now year two of her football career is complete. Giddings’ focus this winter is back to her first obsession: Basketball.

“Basketball is for sure my favorite sport,” said Hornets Senior Forward Celina Giddings. “It is my love, and it has been my passion forever. If I had to pick one sport, I would play basketball the whole year.”

And for her senior season, the Hornets are trying to snap a 37-year conference championship drought.

“As of right now we are (6-1) in conference, the best we have been in a while I guess you could say,” said Giddings.

“It is great for the girls,” said Hornets Head Coach Ben McCullick. “We have had some struggles the past few years. It is just nice for them to enjoy a little success. They walk around town and people are talking about the big wins.”

But before the varsity basketball days for Celina, there was one crazy thought: ‘Why not football?’

“I drove around town till I could find her,” said McCullick. “Be careful! You hurt yourself, and you are going to be in trouble!”

Celina acknowledged the risk, and went for it.  

“It was great,” said McCullick. “She is just an athlete. She wants to be out there. She wanted to help the team, but I was definitely nervous going into last year.”

As for football, Celina was in uncharted waters. 

“It sure did not come natural,” said Giddings.”The first day of practice, I just had my helmet, and I did not know what I was doing. They just said go with the receivers. It is not as easy as people think. It is a lot rougher than people think.”

And no matter how this basketball season ends for the Hornets. The buzz around Celina Giddings, is not going away anytime soon.

“She should be proud,” said McCullick. “I told her that too. She really does not want the credit for it. She loved it. The community embraced it, and thought it was great. I think it helped our basketball program. People come out and watch, and it’s great for the community.”

“I always wanted to play football ever since middle school,” said Giddings. “I just never got the chance. If you like it, go do it.”