Shooter arrested in Onalaska Sunday morning

One man is in custody after a shooting early Sunday in Onalaska
Police Tape
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) –  Police were called to Onalaska around 7 a.m. Sunday for an active shooter event. A family at home called the police about a man who was sleeping on their back porch.

Authorities found out the person is a family member. Officers were asked to remove him.

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When he didn’t listen, the man took out a gun. Five shots were fired by the police after the stand-off. The man involved in the incident was arrested soon after.

Police identified the man as John Czapiewski and online records show he has been arrested on criminal trespassing, failure to comply with an officer, and intentionally pointing a firearm at a person. Law enforcement arrested another person, unrelated to the crime at the scene as well.