Shoveling of ‘sidewalks to nowhere’ in La Crosse under review

City has ordinance that snow needs to be shoveled off sidewalk within 24-hours

Scattered throughout La Crosse are disconnected sidewalks, or so-called, “sidewalks to nowhere.” 

And some residents living by those were surprised when the city asked them to clear them of snow. 

The city has an ordinance that snow needs to be shoveled off the sidewalk within 24-hours after the snow stops falling or risk a big fine for the city’s time clearing it. 

Those residents living by those disconnected sidewalks told they city it’s been years since they cleared them last because nobody walks on them. Obviously that puts the city in a difficult situation. 

As they assess the need to have those walks cleared, they’re planning to postpone enforcement of those walks for this season. 

Now city officials need to figure out where all of those disconnected sidewalks are… and decide what to do with them. 

“Either they get filled and become complete, or they should get removed,” said Doug Kerns of the City of La Crosse’s engineering department.

There is some gray area on the postponed enforcement. So if you see people using your sidewalk, the city recommends shoveling it to avoid a fine.