Shovels, not strikes

The Viterbo softball team was supposed to play its first home game Tuesday.

Instead, the dugout is empty, the scoreboard is off, and the shovels are out.

“This is crazy,” Viterbo Softball Coach Andrea Tsilis said. “Last year was like 80 degrees at this time!”

“We’re not lifting this week. This is our workout,” she added.

“I think I would rather be lifting,” firstbaseman Emmalee Eckardt said. “I would rather be lifting than doing this. It’s a little cold out here.”

Prep sports are facing the same problem. The first baseball games were supposed to be played Thursday, March 28.

“I went out to the infield and just scraped away the snow, and it’s probably about two inches of snow on there, and underneath that is an inch of ice,” Logan Activities Director Steve Hole said. “All has to go away before the frost can get out of the ground.”

This is new territory for West Salem. It’s only their second season of competing in WIAA spring baseball.


“I had a parent comment to me today, maybe better do a dance of some kind, try to get rid of this snow, and I said well, we’re used to playing summer ball so my dances all involve making it cooler,” West Salem Baseball Coach Chuck Ihle said.

So for now, it’s conditioning and lifting.

“If anybody’s got a playable diamond, give us a call because I’d like to get a game in,” Ihle said.

MVC Activities Directors are meeting Wednesday, April 3 and will discuss whether games can be rescheduled.