Social Hosting Ordinance

La Crosse cracking down on parents who serve alcohol to minors

The City of La Crosse is looking to crack down on parents that host parties where alcohol is served to minors.

The social hosting ordinance was discussed at Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. It would hold parents responsible for providing alcohol to minors.

It would also hold them responsible for providing a place for them to drink, like renting a hotel room or a park pavilion.

Former police chief Ed Kondracki supports the ordinance. He says parents who host can’t guarantee they can keep the kids they serve alcohol to safe. “We know there have been cases here in Wisconsin where people with that attitude hosted a party and invariably someone gets car keys, someone drives a car and in our own state people have been killed,” said Kondracki, who is currently the Chair of the Changing the Culture of Risky Drinking Coalition.

he motion passed the committee of the whole by a unanimous 17-0 vote, it heads to the council Thursday.