Social media helps La Crosse residents reunite lost dog with out-of-town owner

Peanut the chihuahua was missing in La Crosse for a week before he was found

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – When an over-the-road truck driver’s dog disappeared on La Crosse’s northside, he turned to social media for help. An army of volunteers combed the city to find the chihuahua. Nearly a week later- they did.

Of all the miles he’s traveled, trucker Arlen Foss Junior has never been happier to make a pit stop.

“Every time my phone rang or my phone dinged, I thought this is it. This is it,” said Arlen.

The Illinois man was in La Crosse recently for a memorial service when his beloved chihuahua, Peanut, ran away.

After several days of searching, Arlen had to get back on the road without his beloved co-pilot.

“That was the hardest thing.”

“We are never apart.”

Arlen shared his story on social media and La Crosse residents jumped into action.

Arlen said, “I swear ¾ of the city of La Crosse was looking for him.”

Volunteers like Pam Culver kept track of peanut sightings, chasing the tiny escape artist across the city.

“I was always a couple of hours behind him,” said Pam.

Seven days later, Pam and others somehow spotted peanut sleeping under a log.

Arlen was 700 miles away and made a U-turn back to La Crosse to reunite with his best friend.

“We got him home.”

Tears of joy and gratitude.

“Thank you to the whole city of La Crosse for helping,” said Arlen.

Thankful peanut is back in the passenger seat so they can hit the road together.

“We got him home.”

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