Social media helps reunite girl with lost stuffed bunny

A young girl was reunited with her stuffed bunny after leaving it at the gate when she boarded her flight at Nashville International Airport.

Harper Rae’s travel companion is a stuffed bunny named Penny. Airport officials said Harper Rae was excited about her family’s big trip to Chicago. However, somewhere in Concourse C between the Food Court and Gate C18, Penny went missing. Her family looked everywhere for an hour, but could not find Penny, leaving Harper Rae very upset.

Distraught, the family boarded their Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago.

Meanwhile, Penny was able to find her way to Gate C18, where gate agents with Southwest Airlines took good care of her. The agents reached out to the airport for help to locate Penny’s family through social media.

The airport put out a call on social media asking for help to spread the word.

On Thanksgiving, Penny’s family saw the social media posts. The airport then reached out to the family and confirmed their arrival day and time. They also reassured Harper Rae that Penny was safe and sound at the information center, waiting for Harper Rae to come home.

Harper Rae and her family touched down Saturday in Nashville, where they were reunited with Penny. Harper Rae’s mother, Jennifer, told officials her daughter was “thrilled to get [Penny] back and looking forward to telling all her school friends about Penny’s Thanksgiving adventures at the airport.”