Solar project reduces energy costs and carbon emissions in La Crescent

More carbon free energy is powering the City of La Crescent after a solar energy project was recently completed on Monday.

A partnership between La Crescent and Ideal Energies, in Minneapolis, brought a new array of solar panels to Vetsch Park and the La Crescent Animal Shelter.

These solar panels will provide additional energy to the Xcel grid and lower energy costs for La Crescent residents, as well as reduce CO2 emissions.

These installations are a part of La Crescent’s goal to be a Minnesota GreenStep City. A program that helps cities achieve their sustainability goals.

“This is part of a multi-step program that we started more than 5 years ago, and that was to look at environmental programs that we could enter into that would be cost effective for the city, but also be environmentally friendly,” said La Crescent Mayor, Mike Poellinger. “If everything falls into place we should save about $1 million over 25 years.”

Solar energy in La Crescent will now generate over 4 million kilowatt hours, enough energy to power nearly 600 homes for an entire year.

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