Some Wisconsin residents against helicopter permit

Some Elkhart Lake residents are opposing the establishment of a charter helicopter business in the community, fearing it will be too noisy.

Louisiana-based Mustang Helicopters submitted a request to the village in June for a helipad, according to Sheboygan Press Media.

The business will provide corporate charters, airport shuttle service and customized tours as well as landing and takeoff space for Flight for Life helicopters, said executive administrator, Ellen Dupuy.

More than 100 people showed up for an Aug. 5 public hearing on the rezoning request.

Only a handful of people spoke in favor and the rest spoke against it, said Village Board president Alan Rudnick. A petition with more than 150 names was also submitted.

Dupuy said the community’s strong reaction was disheartening.

“I knew this was a completely foreign industry to this area so I knew that people would have questions and want to know what’s going on, I just didn’t expect the negativity that came from this,” she said.

She said the business has already complied with all the FAA regulations regarding noise and other details regarding the Bell 206-L3 helicopter that would take off and land.

Noise is a major concern, Rudnick said, and the village plans to run its own noise tests. Village resident Thomas Nelson wrote a letter to Sheboygan Press Media decrying the plan.

“I think there’s noise factors, property values, and I think it’s just not in keeping with the character of the Village of Elkhart Lake,” said Nelson, 82, who served on the Village Board for eight years.

The board’s Plan Commission meets Wednesday. Rudnick said he expects the conditional use permit request to take a while.