Something Old That’s New Again


Logistics Health Incorporated is housed in this brand new six story building. But step inside and nothing about
this place feels new…and that’s intentional says CEO Don Weber, “We spent alot of time trying to make the building
look historic. The marble flooring, the marble columns they’re all hand made. The chandaliers are hand made in
spain. So when you walk in, it gives you that old town look.”

But there really is an authentic piece of this old town inside the doors of the buildings new restaurant The
Waterfront. This bar has made its way around the region but it’s story began just a few blocks away. “It was
commisioned to be built for the G. Heilemen Brewery in 1918.”
“Well when it was finished it was it was 1923 and it was the prohibition so the gentleman that owned Stockmen’s
bought it and made it into a soda shop.” “Over the years, it changed hands a few times. sot’s got some really unique

Ad that history continued when Nell Hull bought Stockmen’s in Coon Valley, now called The Stockyard, nearly a decade
ago and when she left there to start The Waterfront, that bar came with her. “It came out in 13 pieces. They sanded
it down and piece by piece fit it back together and it is what you see today.” It actually helped to shape the look
and feel of the entire restraurant. “It started with the bar. Once we decided it was the bar, to tie it into the old
historic look it fit perfectly.”

It fit perfectly but is far from perfect, again, done intentionally. “You can see some of the knicks and holes and
we decided lets just leave it…lets not fill it in.” “This morning I came in and it was dark and I thought isn’t this

We went in search of something old, that’s new again. We found it.

The Waterfront restaurant is now open for dinner and very soon they’ll be serving lunch as well.