Soup cook-off raises money for abused children

Bikers Against Child Abuse hold 5th annual soup cook-off

The Big River Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse held their 5th annual soup cook-off Saturday at the Holmen American Legion.

The event raises money to help the organization with its mission of empowering abused children. The organization provides financial support for abused children who would like to become involved in activities that require significant financial obligations, as well as help paying for emotional support not covered by insurance.

“I think kids have a really hard time when they experience child abuse and witness violence, and it’s really important for people to come together and do what they can to help kids be resilient and to let them know they matter, and there are people that care and just make the world a better place,” Karma, a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, said.

Organizers hope they can raise over $5,000.